A Beer with President Obama

So you’ve cleansed your data and you’re happy that you’re ready to go because you know these people really do need to speak to you.
Happy days indeed!

But then, you discover that it’s not that easy.

And despite your valiant efforts to change the lives of these individuals you just can’t get through the gatekeeper.

You’re getting no response to your emails, and you soon consider that you stand more chance of having a beer with President Obama – or an interview with Tom Hanks – than actually getting in front of this particular prospect.
But you’re sure that if you can just speak to them – even just for a few minutes, then that will trigger some interest on which you can begin to build this relationship.

But how do you get to speak to someone who you can’t get to speak to?
Well, my frustrated, that’s where video brochures come in. They get you directly in the hands of the decision maker.

Why do they work?

Video cards work because they’re different and our natural inquisitive nature just won’t allow us to not to open them. And then, because of its video content we’re drawn to watch it.

At that stage – you’re there, presenting to your prospect – you’ve got your opportunity, and assuming that you’ve included great video content that appeals to them, then you’re on your way to that all-important first meeting/enquiry/booking.

What are Video Brochures?

Simply put, video brochures contain high quality, full motion video players that you can insert into your print media. That’s right – like a small screen in your customer’s hands. Colin and Jenni Bradford of Magical Maths Club have been using Video Brochures for some time. Jenni says:

“We’ve been using video brochures for about a year now and we use them to introduce ourselves to schools who we would like to work with. We find they work really well with a conversion rate of around 50%.
Video brochures work because they’re different; they’re attention grabbing. And we know that if we can get in front of people, then they will book our free Taster Session. But getting in front of them is the hard bit. If we send a letter the gatekeeper will intercept it and it might never get to the teacher.
So we made the decision to send the brochures in a parcel by Recorded Delivery. That made more of an impact when they arrived and also created a ‘sense of duty’ to make sure the gatekeeper passed it on. We definitely intend to carry on using video brochures because we know they work!”

Emma Sansom, Marketing Manager at the Entrepreneurs Circle has recently trialled a campaign of 30 video brochures to past EC members to show them how Entrepreneurs Circle has changed since their membership lapsed. Emma says:

“We’ve initially tested the idea with 30 names; each individually personalised both on the video and the cover of the brochure. I would say that the two most important things to consider when putting a campaign like this together are:
1) Quality of data – You need to make sure your list has the correct name and postal address but also that they are high-quality contacts. And…

2) Timing – These campaigns need to arrive at a time relevant to the prospect.
What we do already know is that video brochures provide a massive wow-factor, and they get you in front of your prospect in a very personal way that no other marketing can.”

Marie Cross from First Impression Training used video brochures to get appointments with her Dream List. She says:

“Our potential customers are busy operational leaders within the call centre industry. They don’t read emails, so direct mail – lumpy especially – is our ideal marketing pillar.
We wanted to turn up differently and prove that we’re not a normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ training company. Our video cards included a five-minute video of me talking 1:1 to them, with the aim of only selling the meeting.
The cards were sent to 15 companies on our Dream List – all of which were pre-qualified – and there’s a potential project value of £200k from three opportunities. All for a few hundred pounds spend!”

Should I be using them?

In a word – yes! Here’s what a video brochure can do for your next Dream List campaign
• Surprise and excite your potential customers – Video brochures are a form of media that will instantly create intrigue and curiosity with your audience.

• Put a presentation directly into your customer’s hands – Increasing the chance that they will take the time to interact directly with your video content.

• Achieve a better return on investment – Studies show that Video Brochures increase response rates on your direct marketing campaigns by 75% and conversion by 25%.

• Video effectively delivers your message – Recipients are more likely to assimilate and understand your key messages when displayed on a Video Brochure.

• Appeal to all your end users senses – Video uses a combination of language, sound and visual imagery to completely engage your viewer.

By combining print media with video content, it is possible to deliver your message in a new and exciting manner.

This interactive, stimulating and innovative media has the power to fully engage your prospects, without forcing them to sit at their desk or power up their laptop.

It allows you to get your story across – something Martin Gladdish talked about at length in the April Circular – to your prospect, in a comfortable and relaxed setting, time and time again.

Screens come in a range of sizes 2.4”, 4.3”, 5”, 7” and 10” and can be presented in a number of styles; business cards, folded cards and even boxed cards.
If you would you like to discuss using a Video Brochure in your next campaign call us on 01603 397 704.

If you would prefer to try and get that beer with the President, write to Mr Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 USA.

Article originally published in Entrepreneurs Circle Magazine  May 2015

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