All under control (?)

Covid Essential

It’s funny how one minute you think you’ve got it all under control, and then suddenly everything changes. It happened to me last week!

In my ‘out of school’ time, I’m Commodore of Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, and we’ve over 800 members – many of whom, have missed being able to get out onto the water since lockdown kicked in.

Behind the scenes, we’d been busy making plans on how we’d finally resume sailing once we were given the okay to do so. Our ‘3 stage plan’ was in place – and as long as we had a couple of weeks to prepare, we were good to go.

But last Sunday evening – without warning, the PM’s announcement meant that our members could head down to the club to go sailing. From a management point of view, we suddenly had to make the whole place COVID secure.

Now, I know all about this stuff; sanitiser stations, hand gel, social distancing, awareness posters etc etc – because I’m selling loads of it on our Expert Banner website.

But it still took a huge effort to get the club ready, identify what message needed to be placed where (I’ve got to say, mapping out social distancing in the toilets is a new one for me!), and then ordering and installing the aforementioned ‘stuff’.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well those businesses, shops, schools etc that until now have been closed, are soon going to begin to re-open in some form – and there’s going to be some prep work that needs to be carried out before that can happen.

I’d suggest a walkthrough of your premises, office by office, building by building, as probably the best place to start. Take notes as you go, and you’ll soon begin to build a picture of what needs to be done.

If you’d like some advice on where to start, I’d be happy to have a chat – just give me a call on 01603 397704.

In the meantime you might like to take a look at our product range here. We’ve included vital social distancing tools such as floor stickers, banners and sneeze guards, along with a range of health advice signage, sanitiser stations, face masks, hand gel, posters, strut cards and flyers.

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