Route-map: The End (of Lockdown) is Nigh! There’s much speculation around the actual content of the ‘Route-map’ out of Lockdown that’s due to be announced by the government on Monday. But without doubt and at last, the reopening and returning to business is on the horizon. But while as yet we’re unsure of the timeline, […]

The final details

As you know we’re exhibiting at the B2B Expo next week, and – touch wood – most of our prep. is done. The brochures are printed, the stand is ready and we know exactly what our strategy is: get as many leads as possible. So we’re into the final stages, and I thought I’d share just some […]

The most crucial

This week we’re continuing our series on maximising the value of exhibitions. Although the plans we’re making are in relation to us exhibiting on October 11th at the Norfolk Chamber B2B Exhibition, the planning process is the same for any exhibition. This week the area that we’re thinking about is the most crucial bit:

Take home

The Norfolk Chamber B2B Exhibition is just around the corner now, and I wanted to start this week’s article by stating an important truth: However good your stand is, however wonderful your giveaway is and however switched-on your staff are, you won’t be able to convert every prospect that engages with you.

Scratch n’ Sniff

Scratch n’ Sniff? Or Fragrance Burst, to use its more technical name, is a specially created coating that releases a fragrance when lightly scratched or rubbed. Its use is only limited by a designers’ imagination and can be used on brochures, inserts, direct mail, greeting cards and packaging – to name a few.

The most common name in the UK

This week, I stumbled across a video. It was a by a guy called Thom Smith, and the message is pretty important, so I thought I’d share it with you today. (In case you hadn’t guessed, ‘Smith’ is the most common surname in the UK, but the message in the video is anything but common.) […]

Not that sort of penalty

You’re probably thinking that this article might have something to do with England’s dramatic penalty shootout win on Tuesday (it’s coming home!). But it isn’t. However, it IS about another sort of penalty – the kind that can change behaviour for the better.

Just as prevalent

I don’t know about you, but the world of business feels very different to the one I started out in. Back when I was fresh-faced and starting out in business, there was no Google.

Inky Veins

I was at an event the other day, speaking to a guy that I do some work with. And he asked me the age-old question: “So how did you get started in print?” I didn’t really know where to start.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

As you know, we’re coming into “County Show Season”, which means that lots of our clients are getting in touch for stands, brochures and promotional giveaways. And there was one client in particular that I sat down with to talk about the work he needed us to do in the next few weeks. After we’d […]