It might seem ‘woo woo’, but…

Let’s level with each other: we’ve both seen the Simon Sinek video.

We know all about ‘starting with why’, and why ‘what you do’ is only important in the context of ‘why you do what you do’.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t usually go in for this fluffy, woo-woo stuff.

I’m a print manager, and I’ve been one my whole life.  I serve businesses by providing them the print that helps them with their various initiatives and marketing campaigns.

And on one level, that’s all there is to it.

But I have got a confession to make: I’ve maybe, just maybe, succumbed to the woo-woo, just a little bit.

There I said it.

I’ve never really seen the value in mission statements and ‘corporate values’, and whenever I went to a business event where I had to put them together for MY business, I really struggled.

But the other week, it suddenly all started to make sense.  I sat down at my desk, and wrote out three documents:

  • Our Mission
  • Our Values
  • Our Vision

The starting point was to write down what we already do and identify my thinking behind it.

I then needed to look to the future (cue, woo woo) and try to put into words how I wanted the company to look.

I struggled with this at first, but as it started to come together I realised that it gave me a real buzz!

Because, and here’s the point, I’ve had a couple of ‘opportunities’ that have been bubbling away over recent months.

But interestingly, after writing this Vision statement, I realised they were no longer congruent with my end goal; a goal I was unaware of until I went through this exercise!

Anyway, here they are:

Our Mission

Expert Print Management is a full-service print management company and our mission is to provide you with a hassle free, cost effective way to buy print.

Our continued success nurtures our organic growth but also offers opportunity to growth by acquisition.

Our ‘can do’ attitude, knowledge and skills, combined with great communication and competitive pricing, allows us to advise and supply you with anything and everything ‘print’.

Our Values



Reliable & Respectful

Caring & Accountable

Professional & Knowledgeable

Friendly & Fun!

Our Vision

To be nationally recognised as a company supplying innovative print & promotional products with the minimum of fuss and jargon.

Our core values are embedded in everything we do from client brief to finished product and fulfilment.

So there you have it – Expert Print Management’s Vision, Values and Mission.

A year ago I might have thought this was all a bit woo-woo, but now, I feel like I’ve got absolute clarity on what my business does, why it does it and where it’s headed. Have you got any similar documents?  I’d love to read them if you’re happy to share…

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