Messy Desk

We’re moving offices next week.

Which – as anyone who’s ever done it knows – is a PAIN.

The computers have got to be moved, the phone lines transferred over, utilities switched, stationery and contact details updated, the list goes on…

But anyway, I’ll stop moaning – after all, the sun’s out, the snow’s gone and spring definitely feels like it’s on the way.

One of the interesting things about packing up and moving out has been how much stuff we’ve accumulated.

It’s a lot of stuff.

But what’s pretty instructive is that when packing up the desk, going through files, and consigning as much stuff to the bin as possible, I’ve ended up with a small pile of marketing.

Whether it’s brochures, calendars or sales letters, they’ve all found their way onto my desk, and some of them have been there for three months or more.

Now, apart from suggesting that I need to keep my desk tidier, this highlights something important for all of us marketing in the 21st century:

We value physical stuff. We’re more likely to consume it, and we hold onto it.

So sending physical stuff out gives you way more chance of grabbing your prospects’ attention, and if you’ve got that, then everything else is a whole lot easier.

And as online marketing continues to rise in popularity, the amount of people doing offline marketing diminishes.

Which means that when you send something physical out, your competition is likely to keep shrinking, giving your marketing a much better chance of getting read and getting acted upon.

So next time you’re planning on sending out some marketing, why not do something physical and get your prospects’ attention?


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