New GoProof App allows you to check your proofs on your mobile device

Approving creative work on a phone has just had a major upgrade!

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new native iOS and Android app. Go get it right now:

GoProof App  Android

We understand that you need the flexibility to access and review proofs wherever, whenever. Our new iOS and Android apps are native to their mobile device, giving us more scope to deliver an enhanced experience.

Thanks to some neat dynamic linking in the VIEW PROOF notification email, we will automatically present proofs to you in the new native app if you using a phone or tablet.

It’s proofing as it should be and we’re sure you’re going to love it.


At the bottom of the app there are two viewing options available, which are Proofs and Timeline.

Proofs is the new default list view which is activated right away. Timeline can be added from the settings cog if you want.

You can see all your proofs in a stack in Proofs, with each one colour-labeled to show its current status such as In Review or Changes Requested.

Filter down to isolate a status and zero in on proofs. Tap on a proof from the list to go in and collaborate on it. Easy.

And when you’re back in the Proofs view, you can swipe across to reveal the quick-link options to make decisions on each one.


We’ve enhanced the proofing area in the GoProof app to make it a cinch to add comments. It’s what you’ve have been waiting for.

Pinch on the creative if you want to zoom in first, then tap where you want to add a comment on the proof.

Select a tool from the menu and add then add notes to help get your thoughts across.


Tapping on the comment icon after it’s been placed reveals options to VIEW the comment thread, MOVE the icon around or DELETE the comment and its thread altogether.

If you’re not happy with its placement, the comment can easily be moved to a new location on the proof. Tap and hold it, then drag it around to its new position.

This works whilst zoomed in too, so you can get really accurate placements for your comments.


Reviewers and Gatekeepers can complete reviews, request changes and sign proofs off in a full proofing cycle optimized for phones or tablets. It’s so much better.

The big button at the top above the proof is where you make your decisions.

If you are set to a Reviewer role, you see COMPLETE as the option and just tap that button to let the Gatekeeper know you’ve finished reviewing.

If you’re a Gatekeeper, you see SIGN OFF when there are no comments made so you can make a fast one-click approval without any drama.

If there are comments on the proof, you’ll see REQUEST CHANGES instead. Tapping this reveals two options: REQUEST CHANGES or SIGN OFF, so you can still fast-track it through to sign off or request the changes if you want them done.

This new mobile experience is super-fast and takes minimum effort to make design decisions, which is what you’ve been asking for.

Enjoy the new GoProof app!

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