Off the water and all at sea

As I sat down on my desk on the Tuesday of this week, I had a feeling that brought me back to my childhood.

That ‘back to school’ feeling.

I’ve had the most fabulous summer, with more time on the water than I can remember for a while, but when I returned to the office after the bank holiday weekend, it definitely felt like summer was nearly over.

If you remember that feeling of going back to school in September, you’ll have half an idea of what my first half an hour back in the office was like.

As a kid, you’ve spent six weeks playing outside, and when you try to hold a pencil again, you can’t even write within the lines.

Thankfully it wasn’t quite that bad, but I certainly had that feeling of feeling a little bit ‘at sea’ and being a little out of practice and a little unsure about what I should start with first.

Thankfully after a morning of slight confusion, I’m back on it, and I spent an hour or so yesterday afternoon planning out my marketing campaigns for the rest of the year.

September is a fabulous time to hit the ground running and ensure that the rest of the year is as fruitful and successful as possible, but it’s only possible to do that when you do what I did: unfog the muddled head and get absolute clarity on the activity you need to do to reach your goals.

So: what offline marketing are you going to be doing in between now and Christmas, and how can we help you to get it done, getting you more leads and customers in the process?

If you’d like to chat some ideas through, give us a call on 01603 334390

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