The next piece of the puzzle

If you recall my post from last week, you’ll know that we’re exhibiting at the B2B Exhibition at Carrow Road in October.

We’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for the expo, and I realised that it might actually be quite useful to share the process we go through to prepare for an exhibition – all with the aim of helping YOU to exhibit more successfully.

If you missed last week’s email, we focused on outlining your exhibition objectives, so if you want to read that one, you can click HERE and read it now.

This week, I wanted to talk about the next piece of the puzzle: the stand type.

Before you decide the composition of your stand, it’s important to understand exactly how much space you’ve got – it’s no good deciding on a stand when you simply don’t have the space for it.

Once you’ve worked out the space, it’s all about maximising it.

Are you going for a simple roller banner either side of a table, or perhaps a full on pop-up or fabric display? Does your display include any screens or tablets that need to be incorporated into the stand? Have you considered how you’re going to display your leaflets and brochures – do you have a literature stand? – do you need to source one?

Obviously the more branding you’ve got on display, the more eye-catching your stand will be, but at the same time, there is such a thing as “too much”.

I always find it useful to sketch out what the stand will look like – you can’t create it in all its splendour, but drawing it out allows you to see whether it’ll look too crowded or cluttered.

Remember, if you’ve gone for a specific theme, then it’s vital that that theme runs through the whole stand – it’s no good having elements that just don’t fit with each other, as that can actually take away from your brand.

If you’re stuck on which type of banner stand to get, or the composition of your stand, just send me an email to and we can talk it through.

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